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Eco Pigs

When you order from Piggie Parcels you can be assured the environment has been considered. All the packaging is in some form environmentally friendly, it is either recycled, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.

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  • "Great value and customer service"

    I have been using Piggie Parcels for a while now and my Guineapigs love their forage. They popcorn when they hear the bags being opened. Great value and customer service. Treat your piggies, they deserve a piggie parcel xxx


    Chrissie - 23 May 2021

  • "Lovely fresh smelling forage"

    Lovely fresh smelling forage that my girls love. Nothing else I've bought is quite as nice. And the little personal message card is a nice little touch to make it more special.


    Sib - 7 May 2021

  • "Will definitely be back!"

    Received my first box of piggie treats today. Really pleased with the freshness and quality of them. The smell from some of the bags is amazing and set my piggies off on a wheeking spree! Safe to say I think they like them. Will definitely be back! The little handwritten note was a lovely added gesture.


    Jodie - 10 March 2021

  • Column

    Wow, wow and wow. My first order arrived today. I have to be honest I’m kind of jealous of my piggies it all looks amazing !!!

    Such a wonderful variety and no dusty half filled bags ( yep we have all sifted through the shelves to find the best not squashed bags !! )


    Anita - 1 February 2021